Commonly Asked Questions

Did you know that:

  • Stop & Go has been around since 1980.
  • Stop & Go is the originator of the Tire Plugger, and of the very first Complete Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit.
  • Stop & Go's Tire Plug and Tire Plugger Kits are the #1 most asked for by name from consumers.

Learn more about our products and our business through questions asked from customers just like you below:

1. Where can I buy your products locally?

Our present form of distribution is through warehouse distributors serving the Power Sports Industry. They sell our products to your local dealer. Since we do not have access to their database of dealers, you would need to call your dealer and ask whether they have your desired product in stock. We provide an easy-to-use online store to purchase tire plugs, tire plugger kits and all of our products for easier convenience.

2. Are your products available through any automotive parts stores, discount chains or hardware stores?

Not yet. But as soon as they are, it will be announced on our home page.

3. Which Tire Plugger is best for me?

That depends. If you are a motorcyclist or ATV rider, we would recommend the #1000 or #1001 Pocket Tire Pluggers. If you are not restricted by limited storage space the Standard Model #1075 may be the better choice. The Tire Plugger and Pocket Tire Plugger are equally easy to use. Size and cost should be your determining factors.

4. Do you sell more than one size mushroom plug?

Both the Standard Model and the Pocket Tire Plugger come with mushroom plugs that measure 5/16" diameter x 3/4" length shaft. We now have a bag available with (50) 5/16” diameter shaft x 1 inch length shaft that can be installed in the Pocket Tire Plugger and newly purchased Standard Model Tire Pluggers. It is Item No. 5075

5. What’s better…… mushroom plugs or string plugs?

That may be a matter of preference. Our own test results have proven that mushroom tire plugs do a better job of sealing the puncture on the inner wall of most tires. However, punctures larger than 1/4 inch would require one or more string tire plugs.

6. Will the mushroom plugs work in steel belted radial tires?

Yes, as an emergency repair. They are not considered a permanent repair when installed in street (high speed) tires. They can be considered permanent in off-road (slow speed) tires such as golf cars, mowers, etc. F.Y.I. – How long our mushroom tire plugs will work in steel belted tires will depend on the proximity to the belts and the quality of installation.

7. Should I consider the use of your Patch/Plug #3002 a permanent repair in my motorcycle tire?

Safety experts all agree that a punctured and/or plugged motorcycle tire should be replaced as soon as possible. That is our opinion also.

8. Can I use non-threaded CO2 canisters with your inflation adapter?
No. The Stop & Go tire inflation adapter threads onto your tire valve and the CO2 canister. It is a fully flexible 3” inch vinyl tube with nickel plated brass fittings on both ends. It is very lightweight, takes up very little space and does the same job as those monster adapters that are more costly and bulky. The non-threaded CO2’s are usually 12 grams discharging only 6 lbs. of pressure. The Stop & Go CO2’s are 16 grams discharging 9 lbs. of pressure each. So there is no reason to invest in a regulating valve adapter.

9. Why don’t you sell the 45 or 68 gram CO2 canisters?

Because they would require one of those bulky regulators and the cost would make our kits too expensive.

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