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Bill Merriam holding a Stop & Go Kit

From carriages to car rides, people have been getting flats for years. Before the invention of Stop & Go, 
however, stranded drivers were left with few options for tire repair. Stop & Go provides everything you need in one compact kit that fits perfectly in any vehicle.

Created in 1980, founder and inventor of Stop & Go, Bill Merriman came up with the idea while working for a company that was bringing

self-canceling turn signals to power sports. Bill wanted to create a complete kit that eliminated the need for the consumer to buy each repair part

Like most businesses, Bill started working from home in his one car garage in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. Stop & Go was quickly absorbed into the market where it flourished. In October of 2019, Stop & Go moved to a 4,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Crystal Lake.

Today, Stop & Go remains leaps ahead of its competitors. With the unique mushroom-shaped plug that started it all, Stop & Go has since created a diverse line of products that will keep you moving, no matter what you drive.

We asked our friend, Bill, to share his secret to success with us. He had this to say:

“Don’t quit your day job. Start your business on the side if possible. Work hard and don’t give up. Consider all advice offered to you and stick with a workable plan.”

We at Mass Depot are excited to take on Stop & Go and continue a legacy of hard work, dedication, and great customer service. Thank you, Bill! Happy Retirement!

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