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Rubber Cement Tube Protector

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 Rubber Cement Tube Protector

Sometimes the best tools are the simplest. Many tire repairs and even fixes around the house require rubber cement. These handy little rubber cement tubes usually get tossed at the bottom of a container and often get crushed or evaporate leaving you frustrated.

We at Stop and Go love finding new ways to make your life easier and today we are happy to show off the Rubber Cement Tube Protector. The Rubber Cement Tube Protector comes with a .68 Fluid Ounce (20ml) tube of rubber cement in a crush proof tube with seal tight plastic caps on both ends. The tube measures 1 inch diameter x 5.5 inches in length. When you run out of rubber cement just keep the tube protector and slide another tube in. No more crushed rubber cement tubes, no more evaporation. Now you can be confident that you have all the tools you need for that next tire repair.

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