Stop & Go 5001 - Manual

This tire repair kit enables vehicle owners to perform a safe emergency roadside tire puncture repair and re-inflation. The new Stop & Go “ Tire Mobility Kit combines a reliable air compressor with the award-winning Pocket Tire Plugger. This tubeless tire repair kit system has all the necessary hand tools and (15) mushroom-shaped rubber plugs to make an effective repair on a car, truck, trailer, SUV, or RV. It's an ˜on the wheel' repair. No dismount is necessary. And no rubber cement is needed! The mushroom head seals the puncture completely on the inner wall of the tire. The 12-volt air compressor is made from the highest quality components and features 1-120 psi. (8 Bar) built-in gauge and deflate button. It only takes 5-6 minutes to fully inflate a tire depending on size.

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