Stop & Go 1066A Motorcycle/ATV Tubeless Flat Tire Repair Kit Leak Seal Tools - Manual

Stop & Go 1066 motorcycle and ATV tube & tubeless tire repair kit with CO2 Inflation. It supplies everything needed to repair and inflate any tubeless or tube-type tire on motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs in one easy to carry pouch. Kit contains patches and rubber cement to repair tube (requires removal of tire and wheel). For tubeless tires the rasp tool is used to clean the area. The rope plug is coated with rubber cement and pushed into the tire with the split eye tool. A twist and a pull of the split eye tool and trim off the excess part of the plug. After Tube or tire is repaired, reinflate using Co2. Each Co2 cartridge provides up to 9 psi depending on size of tire.

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