Which Plugger To Choose For Tire Repair

Which Plugger To Choose For Tire Repair

If you are new to the mushroom style tire plug when repairing holes in your tires, then you might have seen the couple different ways you can use them on your tires. At Stop & Go we have two tools that assist in inserting the mushroom plug: The Plug Gun and the Pocket Plugger.

Both work great for any tire, but it comes down to personal preference in which one you use for tire repair. Like any other tool or brand for garage work, you know what work easier for you! Here are the main differences in user functionality that will help you make your decision:


The Plug Gun

The Plug Gun is great for working in the garage. It is easy to store in a workspace or a work truck and takes minimal effort since you are just squeezing the trigger to pump the plug through to the tire. Based on personal experience, I find standing and having the “right” angle to use this tool is best in its functionality. So, in cases where you are at home and can easily take a tire off a vehicle or position your vehicle just right, then this is a great tool. However, in emergency situations where you are on the side of the road or without tools to remove your tire, then this tool may be harder to use while laying on the ground to position a mushroom plug into your leaking tire. It is not impossible to use without removing your tire, just less comfortable!


The Pocket Plugger

This Pocket Plugger tool is made more for on-the-road emergencies because it it is smaller and easier to store away in a console or glove compartment. Also, if you find yourself with a leaking tire on the side of the road or on a trail while off-roading, then this tool is easier to be on the ground with to repair a hole at an odd angle. No need to remove your tire to enhance your user experience. This tool does take a bit more elbow grease to use because you use a small allen wrench to screw in the plug.


Both tools are great and get the job done for repairing your tires with the mushroom style plug. As was said before, it comes down to personal preference of what works best for you while repairing your tire. The one thing we know for sure, using the mushroom style tire plug is your best option to keeping your tire repair experience easy, safe and efficient.

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