What You Need To Pack On Your Off-Road Trip

What You Need To Pack On Your Off-Road Trip

If you are new into the hobby of off-road driving or van-life camping, then this article is for you! 

When you are first starting out it can seem intimidating the list of things you will need to bring along with you and everyone’s “must have” list is a little different! This small list is something we believe should definitely be on everyone’s “must have” packing list for off-road adventures: 


Tire Plug Kit 

There are a few different plug kits out there. There is one called the plug gun that is perfect for big rig-type wheels and it’s a bit of a heftier tool which makes inserting the repair plug a lot easier. If you don’t have a lot of space while travelling, the pocket tire plugger is a great option. It comes in a more compact pack and can easily be stored under the seat of a motorcycle, in a backpack or in your glove box. These tire plug kits use silicone mushroom plugs that create a patch from the inside of your tire and are very reliable when out on the road or off the road in the woods! 


Cordless Air Compressor 

If you experience a flat far away from somewhere with the equipment to air it up, then you are sort of S.O.L. Keeping a cordless air compressor in your vehicle can be a lifesaver when you know you won’t be anywhere close to an air pump! And if instead you are interested in mountain biking, it would be smart to keep these Co2 canisters in your pack as well!


Vaseline and extra mushroom tire plugs 

The mushroom plugs come with a lubricant on them already, but if for some reason you need extra, Vaseline is a great option to have on you just in case! It’s also helpful for medical reasons, too, like small open wounds. And of course, you should carry extra tire plugs with you just in case there’s more than one instance you get a hole in your tires. 


First aid kit 

This feels like a given, but we like to put it out there anyway! You just never know what could happen while out in the wilderness off-roading or just travelling long distances in general. Make sure to have space for things like a blanket, first aid kit, flashlight, etc. 


We hope this small little list helps get you started on ideas of what to bring as you begin travelling, camping or off-roading regularly. Enjoy your next adventure! 

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