Three Reasons Mushroom Style Tire Plugs Are Elite

Three Reasons Mushroom Style Tire Plugs Are Elite

If you have been using your own tire repair kits for a while, you would be familiar with tube patches or the tried-and-true rope plugs. They are great for gashes and holes to keep your tires running a bit longer, or at least to the shop to switch out your tire since a replacement tire is the safest option. But if you have not tried the mushroom tire plug, this article is for you! Here’s why we love the mushroom style tire plug when it comes to at-home tire repair.


The best seal you will ever get out of a tire plug

The reason this plug is called a “mushroom” is because it has a stick base and a flared, umbrella-like head. Just like a mushroom! And when you insert the plug into the damaged area of the tire then pull the stick part, it tightens the head against the inside wall of the tire and creates a patch from the inside. On top of that, the tire pressure from inflating your tire pushes against the patch so the plug cannot be pushed through in either direction.


Does not require any glue

Most rope plugs and patches require adhesive or have adhesive on them already. With the mushroom style tire plug it has a silicone base lubricant on the head of it already that helps assist it through the hole that’s causing a tire to leak. From there, because the air pressure keeps the plug secure, you just need to cut it down on the outside and you are good to go! No waiting for adhesive to dry when using the mushroom plug.


Can be used on any type of tubeless tire

These plugs can be used on any type of tubeless tire, and they can also be stacked together for larger holes. Most patchwork on a tire involves taking the whole tire off the wheel. It can be time-consuming and if you don’t have the right tools or space to get that done at home, then you are left spending money at the shop. With a mushroom tire plug kit, you can plug and patch your tire easily while keeping your tire on your vehicle.


These three points are the main reasons we are convinced that the mushroom style tire plug is elite. It is our tried and tested tire repair solution because we have seen first hand, by our own accord and by people who purchase the kits in good faith, the reliability that mushroom tire plugs offer. You can get yourself a kit here and see for yourself the lifesaver this tire plug really is!

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