The Best Tire Repair Kit For Your Vehicle

The Best Tire Repair Kit For Your Vehicle

It can be a real bummer if you get a leak in your tire. Especially if that tire is pretty new! Patching up a tire should be easy and effortless but if it’s your first time needing to buy a tire repair kit, the options can seem overwhelming. We wanted to take a minute to break down the different repair kits we have available at Stop & Go and which ones are best for the different types of tires you use on a daily basis.


For typical tires on cars and work trucks, or even speciality tires like on lawn mowers, go carts, ATVs and motorcycles, the Stop & Go 1000 or the 1075 tire repair kit is the best option. The 1000 Kit, or the Pocket Plugger, is compact and easy to keep in the glove compartment of your vehicle or can fit underneath a motorcycle seat. The 1075 Kit, also knows as the Plug Gun, is a better tool to keep in your shop since it’s a larger tool. However, it can easily be stored in a work truck and because it is a larger tool many people find it easier to use on larger or thicker tires.


The Stop & Go 1090, 200 and 100 kits are perfect for Ebike and bicycle riders. The 1090 Kit is an inflation kit whereas the 200 is the actual plugs for bike tires. Both are great kits to keep on hand if you are an avid cyclist or dirt racer. For those who bicycle on the trails often, these kits are compact yet can hold quite a bit so even if you wanted to combine the two kits into one it would be possible to, to save space in your bike pack. The 100 Complete Tire and Tube Repair kit is perfect for tube tires and is a 27-piece kit so you have everything you need in a compact zippered pouch.


There are tire repair kits that are intended for motorcycle riders as well, though the ones listed above would work on them as well. The Stop & Go 6000 and 1066 are great options to keep under the seat of your motorcycle. The 6000 repair kit includes a mini air compressor, so if you ride cross country or maybe you are just far enough away from a gas station, you are still able to air up your tire just by connecting the alligator clips on the compressor to the battery of your motorcycle. The 1066 repair kit is an assortment of patches and plugs as well as Co2 canisters so no matter what tire you have, you are prepared in case you get a flat on your motorcycle.


As always, we remind our community of drivers that these kits are meant to be temporary until you are able to get a replacement tire. But these kits offer such a sense of reliability that even if you are travelling and can’t replace your tire immediately, you can still travel safely with a patched tire.

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