Survival Tips for Cross Country Motorcycle Traveling

Survival Tips for Cross Country Motorcycle Traveling

Embarking on a long-distance motorcycle journey is not just a ride; it's an odyssey. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable adventure, consider these tips and tricks for mastering the miles:

Packing along a tire repair kit is essential for long distance motorcycle riding. Despite some wide controversy, plugging and inflating a flat motorcycle tire temporarily is safe and easy to do on your own. While you may be weary about riding on a plugged tire, driving slowly and looking for a mechanic nearby that could replace your tire is way better than being stranded and having to cut a fun cross country trip short!

Here are some tools you will need for a motorcycle while riding cross country:

Tire repair kit with a reamer and plugs.

An air compressor or CO2 canisters to reinflate a flat and damaged tire.

The best and safest kit for plugging a motorcycle tire is the Stop & Go 1000 kit. It is small and compact enough to pack away in a backpack or even under the seat of the motorcycle. It contains enough plugs so that if you happen to have a larger tear you can stack the plugs or if you have multiple tiny holes you have enough plugs to make it work and get to a place to change your tire.

The Stop & Go 6000 kit has everything the 1000 kit has but also a small portable air compressor that hooks up to the battery of your motorcycle. 

Before you know it, your cross country trip is saved and you can safely make it to a mechanic to switch out your tire and finish your journey!

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