Stop & Go Kits FAQ

Stop & Go Kits FAQ

Mushroom plugs for tire repair have been around for a while, but it isn’t the first type of repair kit someone reaches for because it’s still new and there’s not a lot of information about their reliability out there. We want to answer some frequently asked questions that we get at Stop & Go so you feel that mushroom plugs really are the most convenient and safe option for emergency tire repair. 


Does it require any glue? 

Our mushroom plugs do not require any glue because they are created with an oil-based lubricant within the plug itself, this helps create a tight seal that does not budge with little to no effort. All you need is a reamer, nozzle, and pocket plugger and / or insertion gun to insert the plug, then a small trimming knife to cut off the excess and make the mushroom plug stem flush with the tire.  


How long do the plugs last? 

These plugs are intended for quick fixes in an emergency. They help you safely get to a shop where you can replace your tire. We cannot recommend riding for long durations on a mushroom plug, but we have had multiple customers reach out saying they have ridden with plugs till the tire went bald. Again, we do not recommend this. Getting the tire fixed or replaced as soon as possible is the safest bet. 


How do rubber plugs compare to rope plugs? 

With the rope plugs out there on the market, there is cement involved in the process and because of that, you have to wait for the cement to dry before using your vehicle again. Once the cement is dry there is still no guarantee that the rope with not fall out of the tire due to pressure. With the Stop & Go mushroom plug we can guarantee an easy, mess-free installation, with the stability of a tight seal. No leaking, no falling out, no fuss. 


How many plugs can I use in a single hole? 

Our mushroom plugs are made of silicone with an oil-based lubricant, making it easy to use multiple plugs in a single hole depending on the overall damage and condition of your tire. If you notice that after one plug your tire is still leaking air, then it might be a good idea to insert more until you feel confident that your tire will stay properly inflated during your ride to the nearest shop. 

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