Renegade_Overland on Instagram with Stop & Go Dual Piston Portable Air Compressor

Stop & Go In The Wild

It’s easy for us to tell you all about Stop & Go and how the products we have at our store can make your life so much easier when it comes to repairing tires. I mean, we are a little biased! But don’t just take our word for it, if you need to see some real-life examples of others loving their Stop & Go products, we are happy to show you.


From our friend across the Pond, Pit-Stop Training used our Pocket Plugger Kit to repair a motorcycle tire that got a screw in it. He posted the whole tutorial of his experience on his TikTok account and received positive and curious feedback about the tool he was using and the ease of plugging his tire.


Renegade Overland are some Missouri - local friends of ours that spend a lot of time off-roading on the trails! They love our portable dual piston air compressor for when it's time to air up after airing down. 

On our own TikTok account, we showed a coworker fix his flat tire with the pocket plugger. He himself has never used one of our tire repair kits before but he felt very lucky that this happened on his way out for his lunch break! We were glad to get him fixed up.

Someone posted their own experience with Stop & Go Pocket Plugger and portable air compressor on their YouTube channel. He mentions in his video that they have been doing construction around their house and his daily driver got a nail in it while parking. He flawlessly uses the repair kit and airs it up all while giving a great breakdown of each step.

All of these experiences with Stop & Go were shared publicly and with raving reviews! So, if you weren't convinced yet we think you might be now! 

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