Stop & Go at Ozark Fall Farmfest 2023

Stop & Go at Ozark Fall Farmfest 2023

The Ozark Fall Farmfest was held at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield, Missouri over the weekend of October 6th. This event is the largest agricultural event in the area and our Stop & Go team hosted a booth of our product to introduce to attendees, which made this the biggest event that Stop & Go has been a part of in 2023. The first day was exciting for our team because the FFA (Future Farmers of America) students in the area attended and found interest in our tire repair kits! We enjoyed educating the students on how our tire repair kits work and answering any questions that they had about Stop & Go products. 

Saturday proved to be the busiest and our staff was tasked with demonstrating our mushroom tire plug and the different kits available in our shop the whole day. While Sunday was mostly the same, visitors to the Fall Farmfest were locals of the area and our team at the booth were happy to chat and get to know some of our daily customers in the area. A lot of who we got to speak to and show tire repair demonstrations to were local farmers and shop workers -- they were eager to share with us their experience of flats and cuts in their tires while on the job. It's frustrating when you depend on vehicles to get your work done and one has a flat or some sort of damage that could slow you down. We were excited to share with them the different repair kits that could help them in the future. 

Though these weekends can be long, hosting a booth at a big expo such as Ozark Fall Farmfest helps us meet with customers we wouldn’t otherwise! And for us, that’s what our Brick and Mortar business is all about – building relationships and assisting our community with our knowledge and providing access to quality tire repair. We look forward to hosting a booth at this event again next year! 

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