How To Use The Stop & Go Tire Plugger - Step By Step

How To Use The Stop & Go Tire Plugger - Step By Step

At Stop & Go we say that we want you to be safe above anything else when travelling and repairing a tire. That’s why we built the tire plugger and mushroom plug because we know it ensures your safety after a damaged tire! But how are you supposed to use the plug if you don’t have instructions? This is a step-by-step article of how to use the mushroom plug and tire plugger. 


Step 1: Remove whatever is causing the hole or tear in your tire 

Make sure you are safely pulled over, wherever you are, so that you are out of the way of traffic. You’d think I wouldn’t need to tell you that... but you would be surprised. 


Step 2: Use the probe and reamer 

The probe is a tool that looks like a long needle, with a point at the end. The reamer is a tool that looks twisted and barbed. The probe helps poke a hole through the tire where the hole or tear is happening, and the reamer creates a cleaner insertion for your mushroom plug. Both are meant to prep the damaged tire for an easy plug insertion. 


Step 3: Insert mushroom plug into tire plugger 

This part is very important to do correctly. The mushroom plug comes with a silicon-based lubricant on it already. If you touch the flared head, then the lubricant will rub off and it will be very difficult to get the plug into your tire. So, when inserting the plug into the tire plugger, make sure you are only touching the shaft of the plug and use the nozzle to push the plug into the tire plugger until the flared head is inverted. For a visual, this step looks similar to what loading a musket looks like. 


Step 4: Screw nozzle onto the probe and insert into the tire 

You use the probe to easily insert the nozzle and the nozzle is what helps guide your mushroom plug through the tire. 


Step 5: While keeping the nozzle inserted into the tire, unscrew the probe and remove it from tire 

This step will cause air to escape your tire, but you will just inflate it later once the plug is inserted. 


Step 6: Quickly screw the tire plugger to the inserted nozzle 

This is the device that you put the plug into earlier. 


Step 7: Use the allen wrench on the end of the tire plugger and turn it clockwise 

While you are turning the allen wrench, it is pushing the plug through the nozzle. You should feel some resistance at some point on the allen wrench. That resistance lets you know the head of the plug went through the nozzle. Twist one or two more times clockwise then twist counterclockwise to release the allen wrench from the plugger. 


Step 8: Once you feel that the plug is through the tire, unscrew the allen wrench 

 You will know the plug is inserted once you feel some resistance on the allen wrench.


Step 9: With the nozzle still attached to the tire plugger, pull the device out of the tire 

You will want to keep both parts screwed together and pull them out of the tire as one unit. 


Step 10: Tug the end of the mushroom plug that’s sticking out of the tire to tighten the seal 

This is easier with a microfiber rag or a pair of pliers, but you can use your hands too. Pull the remaining “tail” of the plug to tighten the seal on the inside. 


Step 11: Cut the plug down to the tire and inflate your tire 

In every Stop & Go kit there is a small razor that you can use to cut down the tail of the plug. Once that is done, you can inflate your tire and return on your journey! If you are close to a gas station or shop that can inflate your tire, great. If you find yourself far away from any gas station, for instance if you are off-roading, then you can purchase a portable tire inflater and keep it in your vehicle.  


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