How to Know Which Tire Repair Kit is Best for You

How to Know Which Tire Repair Kit is Best for You

There are many benefits to having a motorsport hobby such as racing, trail riding, off-roading, or even bike camping. You’ll feel immersed in nature, adrenaline flowing, pushing yourself to new limits. While it’s mostly enjoyable, that doesn’t mean there won’t be irritating obstacles along the way. One of the most common obstacles is a flat tire and of course at the most inconvenient time because that would be just your luck, right? 

Every motorist, for sport or just in general, should carry a tire repair kit with them in the event of a flat. Of course, a spare would make more sense but what if you don’t have one? Most bikers can’t carry their spares with them on their bikes. Sometimes you get a flat or puncture your tire when you are in the middle of nowhere or just miles from home! So, here are some helpful tips on what kit would work best for you depending on the type of motorist lifestyle you live. 

 The Everyday Driver 

If you drive a car or ride a bike everyday but not typically on rough terrain, then you would benefit from keeping any of these kits in your glove compartment or saddle bag 

Stop & Go 1000 

Stop & Go 5001 

Stop & Go 1075 

These three different kits work on heavier tires or tires that might travel on a highway. Though they are meant for temporary fixes, they will get you safely to a shop or your home where you can permanently repair your leaking and damaged tire. 

The Off-road Driver 

Off-roading is one of the more hazardous drives that could damage a tire but why have your fun interrupted just because of aggressive terrain? Carry any of these kits so the adventure can continue with ease and reliability. 

Stop & Go 6000 

Stop & Go 1085 

Stop & Go 1066 

Typically, when you’re off-roading you won’t be close to a mechanic or have the room to carry a spare tire along with the tools to change it. These kits will help you rock-crawl your way past the finish line because we know the next adventure is right around the corner. 

 Cross Country Traveller 

For our friends who travel exceptionally long distances by RV or motorcycle, these kits are for you. As stated before these won’t be permanent fixes for a leaking or damaged tire. However, in the event you’re stranded on the highway and far from any mechanic or rest stop, these kits will ensure that you make it to your next destination safely. 

Stop & Go 1085 

Stop & Go 2100 


Above everything, we want you to stay safe with a sense of reliability on your journeys. We have multiple kits for various lifestyles while they all provide a sense of safety as you prepare for your next adventure. Because of the quick applications of each one, even if you’re on the side of the road these are still perfectly safe options in case of an emergency. Happy cruising! 

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