4 Reasons To Keep A Tire Repair Kit In Your Vehicle

4 Reasons To Keep A Tire Repair Kit In Your Vehicle

No one really plans to have a flat tire during their commute or while travelling long distances or even off roading. But it happens... and it usually happens at the most inconvenient times. Now if you are driving a car with a spare tire and have the tools to switch it out real quick, then sure that would be ideal. Not all of us are as prepared, though! Stuck on a busy highway, out in the middle of no ware, camping with no electricity, these scenarios plus a flat tire make for a decent nightmare if not prepared correctly. Here’s four reasons keeping a Stop & Go tire repair kit in your vehicle(s). 

It’s easier to pack a kit than a whole spare tire and tools to change the tire 

This is especially true if you are not driving a vehicle with extra storage available. Think of if you are living the van life or primarily drive a motorcycle or bike, where are you keeping a spare tire and the tools to swap it out? Keeping a Stop & Go tire repair kit in a backpack or under a seat is much easier and more efficient when you have no extra storage or “trunk space”. 

There’s always a chance you won’t have the accessibility to change your tire immediately 

Sometimes you are off roading, or camping, or biking long trails. If you endure a flat tire where you can’t access a shop or gas station, then having a repair kit would save your trip. And if you are worried about pumping up the tire with air in the middle of nowhere there is a kit with a portable air compressor that will get the job done. 

You will be able to finish whatever adventure or trail you are on safely with a kit on hand 

It’s not ideal to have to pack up and abandon your trip or have it prolonged because of a flat tire. When you keep a tire repair kit on you while riding, off roading, or bike-camping, you are guaranteed that even after an unexpected flat, you can keep on cruising within minutes of encountering a damaged tire.  

You can offer a helping hand more often 

This one might seem a little silly, but it always feels nice to have something that feels like a life saver to someone else. Being able to use a kit on someone who is stranded and at least get them to a shop or gas station or wherever they might need to go makes you feel nice inside, right? It does for us too!  

It’s fair to say that keeping a Stop & Go repair kit on you no matter where you go is easy, efficient and safe. Which is always our goal for you! These kits are compact and reliable for any vehicle and any adventure. 

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