3 Reasons Why Your Mushroom Plug Is Stuck

3 Reasons Why Your Mushroom Plug Is Stuck

When you purchased the Stop & Go tire repair kits, you bought it with the intention of staying prepared but hopefully never having to use it. Well, now here you are, with a leaking tire and in the middle of trying to repair it quickly and easily and the mushroom plug is stuck in the nozzle! Or maybe it won’t penetrate the tire to patch it up. Both can be irritating instances especially if you’re trying to get back on the road or trail quickly. 

You came to the right place for some answers! Here are three common reasons why the mushroom plug gets stuck and ways to fix it: 

You may have touched the tip of the mushroom plug 

While inserting the mushroom plug into the tire plugging device, you want to be sure to ONLY touch the shaft of the plug and not the tip. When you touch the tip, which is already lubricated with a silicone base lubricant, the lubricant rubs off making the plug unable to smoothly insert into your tire. When you are pushing the plug down into the plugging device, use the nozzle tip to keep the lubricant on the tip. 

You need extra lubrication 

If for some reason your mushroom plug is not lubricated enough to smoothly be inserted into your damaged tire, there are several options you can use to lubricate the nozzle. Silicon-based lubricants, petroleum jelly, lotion or even motor oil will work to lubricate your mushroom plug for easy insertion. 

The tip of the mushroom plug is not completely inverted in the plugging device 

Notice how when you are holding the mushroom plug that the tip is curved down like an umbrella. When you are inserting the plug into the plugging device, without touching the tip with your hands, you want to make sure the tip is inverted. It's sort of like an umbrella in a bad rainstorm when the wind flips it inside out! That’s the look you’re going for when the plug is fully inside the plugging device and ready to be inserted to your tire. Remember, do not use your fingers to push the plug down into the plugging device; use the nozzle tip to do so instead. Think of it like you are loading an old musket. This keeps the lubricant on the plug, which makes it much easier to install. 

These three reasons are the most common as to why your mushroom plug isn't working properly for you. But now you know how to fix it! As always, these kits are supposed to be fast, easy and safe. We hope these three solutions helped contribute to that. Maybe while you’re reading this, add some petroleum jelly to your cart! 

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Interesting read into the workings of plugging a tire.
I’m a little more prepared for my flat tires.

Greville Balzarini

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