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  • Rider Magazine

    "I have found through past, painful experience that many tubeless tires are so thick and meaty that to try to get a fast, soft rubber plug into the relatively small hole made by a roofing nail or the like with a conventional hand held insertion tool is an exercise in frustration. The Stop & Go Plug Gun simplifies the job immensely... as long as you read the instruction."

  • Motorcycle Consumer News

    (an unbiased consumer reports type magazine) evaluated (18) different tire repair and inflation devices in their March 2002 issue. They stated:
    "It was universally agreed that the Stop & Go Tire Plugger was the best all-around tire repair in the group. It repaired every hole we could throw at it and the design of the plug just makes good sense."

  • Cycle Dreams, Fall 2002

    "The Stop & Go kit was definite departure form the spaghetti like plugs I was used to. In comparison, the oversized mushroom shaped plug sits on the inner surface of the tire to ensure a no leak repair. As it passes thru the gun it is compressed to fit in the hole, and then it returns to its original shape on the inside wall of the tire. Once you get used to the gun, plugging a tire becomes a piece of cake,"