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This past summer one of our road reps visited the biggest motorcycle dealer in southern Minnesota. The parts guy said he was very familiar with our Pocket Tire Plugger as he had used it many times at the little ATV shop he used to work at. When he was asked to place an order for some at his new dealership, the road rep was turned down. To his amazement, the parts guy told him that they make $150 each time they go out to rescue someone with a flat tire. Then they sell the sucker a $200 tire because there's no way the boss will allow plugging motorcycle tires in his shop. So what's the bottom line here? Many motorcycle dealers don't sell tire repair kits because they want to rip you off for more money. Not only do they not care if you get stranded with a flat tire, they don't care if you save money or not. They want you to get stranded.

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