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With Fall Comes Falling Tire Pressure

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Fall is just around the corner here in the U.S. The fall brings welcomed cool weather, beautiful scenery and that means more driving and some great trips. However, cooler weather also brings some new driving hazards. There is more debris on the road for motorcycle drivers with falling leaves, acorns and more. There is one hazard that affects everyone whether you drive a motorcycle, automobile, scooter and anything in between and that is lower tire pressure.

falling tire pressure - stop & go

Tips for Falling Tire Pressure

Having the right tire pressure has numerous advantages. A longer tread life, safer driving, improved traction and increased gas mileage. It's important to have a high-quality tire pressure gauge to get an accurate reading. Many people believe they can visually check a tire to see if it's low. This is a bad habit to have because you visually can't see a lower pressure tire until its well in the danger zone.

Another tip, look to your vehicle's manual to learn where your correct tire pressure is. Many people look at the tire themselves. The tire only lists maximum P.S.I. and every vehicle is designed to have a specific P.S.I. for the best performance and safety.

So don't delay and make sure you have a high-quality tire pressure gauge from Stop & Go on your vehicle at all times!

We also found a helpful link on more tire pressure safety knowledge. We wish everyone a safe and happy Fall season!