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Traveling to Grand Mesa led to a Grand Flat Tire

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What Do You Do When You're 10,000 ft. Above Ground Level and Have a Flat Tire?

We received a testimonial from Bill and Bob Doll, two brothers who ran into that exact problem. While on vacation.

My brother and I were on my 10,000 ft. tour ridding and camping at ten thousand feet this Augustin Colorado when he picked up a nail or screw ridding out the gravel road leading to Grand Mesa. Luckily he pulled into a small resort just as it was going flat. They had a nice air compressor there so within 15 min. we were back on the road enjoying our week long vacation.

Thanks for supporting the motorcycle community with your great product.

Bill and Bob Doll

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Thank you, Bill and Bob, for writing to us about your experience and sending those pictures! You guys look great!

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