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Tire Punctures and Flat Tires are a Worry on the Golf Course too!

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When you think of a flat tire you will most likely imagine yourself stuck on the side of the road changing your car or truck tire or waiting for help if you are on a motorcycle. However, golf carts, mowers and other vehicles used on golf courses also face flat tires.

Are you using a golf cart outside of the golf course? People in small towns are using them to get around but local laws are changing.

golf cart - how to plug a tireA flat tire on the side of a road is aggravating to yourself and can cost money if you need to be towed, but a vehicle with a flat tire at a golf course means another type of aggravating experience. Downtime, loss of money, possibly angry golfers/customers and grounds that can’t be mowed and maintained. Luckily, the Stop & Go Tire Plugger allows punctures to be seals in a matter of minutes at a very low cost. The Stop & Go Tire Plugger features our unique Mushroom Plug that offers a true advantage over traditional methods.
The Old Way Stop & Go Mushrooms Plugs
Dismounting usually required. Tire does not need dismounting from the wheel.
Bending and twisting required. Plug enters straight in the puncture.
Plug 'sits' in puncture with no anchoring to the inner wall. Mushroom head 'seats' on the inner wall of the tire.
Clumsy hand tools can require great strength. Installs with a spring-loaded mechanical device.
Out of Service' creates increased downtime. Reduces downtime significantly.

Downtime due to flat or punctured tires is costing you time and money. Just like this couple at a Harley-Davidson agency. Protect yourself today with the Stop & Go Tire Plugger which allows for an 'on the spot' - 'on the wheel' repair.  It's easy, effective, and pays for itself with just a few repairs.

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