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This ATV Doesn't Need a Driver

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We have self-driving cars, self-balancing motorcycles, and now we have self-driving ATVs, thanks to Honda.

Honda is in the process of developing an ATV that can carry loads, by itself. This is the 3E-D18, it is designed to be used as a workhorse. Revealed at this years CES, the 3E stands for empower, experience, empathy.

Watch the video to see the breakdown of how the 3E-D18 came to be:

Honda sees this autonomous ATV as a vehicle that spreads fertilizer, plows snow, and pick up crops in the future.

The plan is for construction workers, farmers, and anyone else that needs to carry large loads have an easier time lugging things around. The ATV is electric, powered by swappable batteries and has a rack system. It has a GPS and a guidance system. Best of all, you can control it via an app on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, if this seems like a dream come true then you're going to have to wait. There are no plans for production yet but the prototype you is totally functional. Honda is just looking for companies to partner with for concept tests.