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Testimonial from The UK

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Pocket Tire Plugger Testimonial

We received an email from a great customer from the UK, Spike.

Spike told us how he advocates for our Stop & Go products to all his friends. Spike organizes around 6 tours a year around the UK and Europe. In the briefing notes he provides, he always lists Stop & Go as a product to have during the tours. You really never know when you will get a flat tire and it even caught Spike off guard. He had a flat tire just a week ago when he had a meet up at a local pub.

Spike was even generous enough to forward us an email he sent to his tours friends!

What a lovely day. Wall to wall sunshine.

Left the house at 09.30 to meander along sun dappled lanes to The Peat Shovel.
Arrived in good time so had a coffee and read the paper.
In comes Dave Milne, "Hello Spike, nice to see you. Got here early to mend the puncture in your rear tyre have you?"
Out we go and there is the rear tyre flat as a flat thing.
Confirmed by the indicating pressure caps.
Get out the mini compressor which will not inflate the tyre above 25psi.
We can hear the air coming out.
Leave till after lunch.
After lunch get out the "Stop and Go" repair kit.
5 minutes later hole plugged as per the procedure
Tyre inflated and orf 'ome.
Regards, Spike.

Need some tips on how to us the tire plugger? Watch our YouTube video on how to fix a flat tire with the pocket tire plugger.

We would like to thank Spike for his testimonial and email! We love hearing your comments about our products. If you have a particular story involving the use of Stop & Go products, comment below!

And remember we ship internationally for all your flat tire needs!