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Tire Safety Tips for Summer

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A basic inspection before hitting the road can improve your safety and even help boost your fuel economy. Two things that are very important in the Summer.

Summer Tire Safety

A flat tire or other tire problem be an inconvenience when you’re far from home so it is important to always be prepared. Plus, the heat that can build up in tires over a long drive at high speeds can provoke these problems.

Check Tire Pressure

Proper tire pressure is important because under inflated tires flex more and build up heat that can lead to failure and possibly even an accident.

Under inflated tires are less fuel-efficient and can wear out faster. Tires lose air over time and, consequently, need to be checked and filled periodically. The correct pressure for your tires is usually found on a sticker on the driver’s doorjamb of your car. Consult your owner’s manual for additional information.

summer tire safety- low tire pressure

The winter can affect your tires going into the warmer months. If the days are still cold in the morning, that is when the tires should be checked. If you have a spare tire make sure to check its pressure too. Checking your tire pressure should be done monthly and not seasonally.

You might be asking yourself, "Won't my TPMS system warn me when tire pressure is low?" It will warn you but it will do so when the tire has already lost 25% or more of its air. Don’t rely on your car’s tire-pressure monitoring system to alert you when your tires need air. The system is to alert you that the tire or tires need urgent attention.

Learn facts about tire pressure.

Check Worn Spots

Use a penny to check for uneven wear. You're always driving so you're always wearing down your tires. You check for tire wear by using a penny.

Purchase a tire plugger today and be prepared for the road tomorrow!