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Stop & Go Tire Plugger: Don't Let A Nail In Your Tire Strand You

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We love receiving testimonials about our Stop & Go products! 

This time it's from Brian in the state of Texas. He says his tire repair kit is the best repair kit he's ever bought.

"I just wanted to write and thank you for an outstanding product of FIRST quality, that works just as it claims to do. Sunday afternoon, my wife and I were on a ride in the Texas Hill country when we picked up a nail in the rear tire of our Honda Valkyrie, over 60 miles from home and no where near an open repair shop. Although we'd had the tire plugger in the saddlebag for nearly a year, I'd never actually practiced with it before :( . The instructions were clear and concise, and the plug was properly seated in no time, despite my novice status. (I really appreciate the fact that the instructions were printed on heavy stock that didn't fall apart after long storage, as regular paper would do.) Two CO2 cartridges later, and the tire was ready to go. What could have been an expensive and time consuming disaster was resolved so quickly that we had time to enjoy a leisurely dinner before heading home. The repair got us home without incident, and will allow the bike to be ridden to the dealer for new tires, instead of me having to trailer it. Best $40.00 repair kit I've ever bought--THANK YOU!!!"

- Brad, S, Texas

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