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The Stop & Go Mushroom Plug Difference

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What's the difference between using a mushroom plug and the old ways of plugging a tire?

Flat tires are frustrating for everyone. Motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, car and truck, lawnmower and other vehicle owners all battle with flat tires. For daily or weekend drivers, getting stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire is stressful. For golf cart owners and other fleet businesses, the annoying problem of flat tires also means downtime for your vehicles which leads to lost time and money. That's where the mushroom plug comes in.

Stop & Go International has been providing the best solution in the tire repair industry for years and our design stands out among a crowded tire repair product market.

How is the Stop & Go International mushroom plugs different than the rest?
The Old Way Stop & Go Mushrooms Plugs
Dismounting usually required. Tire does not need dismounting from the wheel.
Bending and twisting required. Plug enters straight in the puncture.
Plug 'sits' in puncture with no anchoring to the inner wall. Mushroom head 'seats' on the inner wall of the tire.
Clumsy hand tools can require great strength. Installs with a spring-loaded mechanical device.
Out of Service' creates increased downtime. Reduces downtime significantly.

The mushroom plug from Stop & Go International makes repairing a tire puncture easy with its Standard Model - Tire Plugger or its award winning Pocket Tire Plugger - For All Tubeless Tires and the Pocket Tire Plugger plus CO2 Inflation. These products make repairing a flat tire quick and seal the puncture tight for extended driving.Stop & Go Mushroom Plug - tire plug

Shop The Mushroom Plug

Bag of 50 Mushroom Plugs - 1" x 5/16"

Bag of 25 Mushroom Plugs - 3/4" x 5/16"

Bag of 50 Mushroom Plugs - 3/4" x 5/16"

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