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It Seems Inevitable, Self-Driving Cars Are Here to Stay

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You've heard of Google, Uber, and now Lyft working on self-driving cars for some time now. And along with those news stories, stories of failures, accidents, and government blocks. None of those stories have slowed down or put to a halt the idea of self-driving cars.

Waymo, Google's year-old company, is working on and testing self-driving cars.

Waymo has started offering Phoenix, Arizona residents rides in their self-driving cars. These are Chrysler Pacificas, mini-vans to allow more riders in one vehicle. Waymo wants to first offer rides in all of the Phoenix region. Then they want to expand to other U.S. cities and eventually the world. Typically, they have a safety driver in the vehicle in case they need to take over during an emergency. There are mandatory in some states though.

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Inside the Waymo, there are several buttons including one that when pressed will order the car to pull over. The target for most of these self-driving cars is 2020. That's the idea that all legal barriers are cleared up.

Are you interested in driving inside a self-driving car? You can join the earlier rider program for Waymo if you live on the West coast and South West coast.

The sentiments on using one of these cars aren't that great, at least in the UK. A study was done by Intelligent Car Leasing and they found that "A large majority (just under two thirds) indicated that they would feel safest in a human driven vehicle."

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Would you drive inside one of these cars now? Would you in the future? Or would you stick with the new motorcycles from Honda? Let us know!