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Safety Items to Store in Your Bike or Trunk

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  Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is important to every person. When driving on the road, there are a number of safe habits we can all employ to keep ourselves and other drivers safe. For example, using your turn signal and slowing down in dangerous weather. When you have engine trouble or a flat tire that requires you to pull over on the side of the road, it's important to alert other drivers to avoid any serious accidents. Too many deaths have occurred from drivers hitting people changing a tire. The even occur when exiting their vehicle on the side of the road. safety items - stop & go Be sure to always use your flashers anytime you pull over, especially at night or during poor weather when visibility is low. Flashers are great but they aren't always visible until it the driver gets too close. This is why we sell and highly recommend keeping EzyFlare in your car with your safety kit or on your bike.


safety items - ezyflare - stop & go
EzyFlare product utilizes LED's to give off a highly visible warning light up to 8,000 feet away. Plus it is extremely user-friendly.
Both of these products have multiple uses, these are great for going on hiking, hunting and camping trips to be able to keep track of one another or even to mark a location to find your way back. Perfect for boats, ATVs and other vehicles.