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The Do’s and Don’ts of RVing

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These RV tips can definitely be over looked by first-time RV travelers. If it's not your first out on the road with an RV, it's good to brush up on these Do's and Don'ts.


Have a GPS and Physical Map

Although GPS signals have been improving, there are still some spotty areas. If your GPS maps haven’t been updated it could lead you down nonexistent roads. It’s always handy to have a yearly map with you in case the GPS fails. Also gives you a full picture view of your geographical area.

Emergency Tools

Make sure you have a fully stocked emergency tool box before you head out on the road. Anything from silicon sealant and electrical tape to a small drill and tire plug kit. The last thing you need to have is a leaking room or a punctured or flat tire and no tools to fix it!


Ignore the Vehicle/RV Manuel

The manuals are printed for a reason, especially for RVs. RVs are not like cars and knowing the ins and outs of RVs before you head out on the road will save you time and struggles when something sounds funny or stops working. They contain key information on how to dump the sewage, how to open and close certain compartments, the total weight the RV can carry, and how to hitch it to a towing vehicle. Reading the manual is essential.

Leave Storage Unlocked

Do not forget to lock all cupboards or secure any storage bins. You don’t want to pull out onto the road and when taking that turn have ALL of you dishes, pans, board games, and food fall out. Especially not any glass, that can be dangerous for the passengers riding in the back and during clean up as well.

Are there anymore do's and don'ts that should be mentioned? Let us know in the comment section! Visit Stop & Go to check out the rest of our products!