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15 Terms to Know for First-Time RVers

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15 RV Terms to Know

We’ve put together a list of some of the most common RV terms to know. Arrive at the RV camp knowing what a black water capacity is and whether or not you’re a full-timer. So when you go out for the first time on your new or rented RV, know these 15 terms and carry a tire plugger!

1. 4 Pin Electrical Connector

This provides power from your tow vehicle to your RV for lights only.

2. 7 pin Electrical Connector

This provides power from your tow vehicle to your RV for the lights as well as electrically operated brakes.

3. Basement

Large storage space underneath your RV’s floor usually refers to a class A, Class C or 5th wheel. It’s accessible from the outside storage doors.

4. Black Water Capacity

The amount of waste water from the toilet your RV’s black water tank can hold.

5. Boondocking

Camping in your RV without hookups in a remote location.

6. Break-Away System

Safety switches designed to automatically activate the brakes on the trailer when separated from the tow vehicle.

7. Dry Weight

The weight of the RV without any fuel, freshwater, propane or passengers.

8. Full-Timers

When you live in your RV year-round.

9. Galley

The kitchen of you RV.

10. Grey Water Capacity

The amount of used water from the kitchen sink, bathroom sink or shower, your RV’s gray water tank can hold.

11. Leveling Jacks

These will make your RV sit level on the ground.

12. Porpoising

A term used to define the up and down motion in an RV while traveling.

13. Reefer

Slang term for a refrigerator.

14. Toad

No, not the actual amphibian. This refers to a “towed” vehicle.

15. Winterizing

A process of making an RV safe from the hazards of winter storage in cold climates.

Are there some that we missed and are critical to know? Let us know in the comment section!

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