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RV Camgrounds Suffer from Overpopulation

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RV Campgrounds

Taking an RV cross-country, whether full-time or for vacation, has lead to some new rule changes across the country. Specifically, for RV campgrounds in Nebraska.

Nebraska has created new rules for how long recreational-vehicle (RV) users and other campers can stay in state parks. This is to make better use of campground space.

The exact changes are that campers may not remain in a single park area or campground for more than 14 consecutive days in a single 30-day period. There can be exceptions made in limited cases.

RVs outnumbering state campsites by four to one

This is to provide the "most opportunity to the greatest number of guests" according to Jim Swenson the parks administrator with Game and Parks in Nebraska.

The Rule

If a camper would like to stay for more than 14 consecutive days, with permission from the park superintendent, a camper may move to a different campground in the same park. As long as one-quarter or more of the sites are available. If a park only has one campground, the superintendent can allow campers to remain. As long as they switch sites and there is plenty of space available.

Recreational vehicle sales across the nation increased 32.5 percent from 2010 to 2015. Sales jumped 15 percent from 2015 to 2016, according to industry statistics. About 8.9 million U.S. households own a recreational vehicle. The state of Nebraska has 11,200 campsites and the number of registered RVs? 45,000. It's great for state parks, it's a positive increase. Now the Game and Parks commission is adding a central process.

Due to the increase of RVs across the country, make sure to research the campgrounds you plan on staying in for any similar regulations such as the one in Nebraska. Looking for RV campgrounds? And if you're heading out for the first time on an RV or need to re-stock your emergency kit, make sure to purchase a tire plugger! It saves you time and money!