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Robots Are Taking Over The World! Or At Least The Track...

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Have you ever wanted to see what would happen when you put a human racer against a robot?

Yamaha did just that.

Yamaha raced a humanoid robot, Motobot, against the professional rider Valentino Rossi.

Now the way that this race was completed was by simply mounting the robot to a motorcycle. It wasn't specially modified or anything like that. The robot simply senses its environment, it calculates what to do, and keeps the bike stable. It can accelerate and decelerate while knowing the road and weather conditions.

Motobot hit 124mph

Cheif Executive Hiroshi Saijo said this project was a "moon project." Meaning, they decided to do something like this because it's hard. There are already a few autonomous features like Hondas' self-balancing assist bike. But the Motobot wasn't made to help riders. It was only made to go fast.

Motobot hit 124mph but when it rounded the track its lap time was 117.50 seconds compared to Rossi's 87.74 seconds.

One of the reasons it knows were it is traveling so well is because it works off pre-mapped destinations. Once it knows where on the pre-mapped track it is on, it can focus on adjusting to other aspects such as speed and take into account any rain, snow, gusts, etc. How does it know where it is?

tire plugger - fix flat tire - motobot

Using a combination of inertial measurement and GPS-RTK. That means it's a GPS with Real-Time Kinematics. IT uses the signal from a radio station. This results in locating itself to within 2.5 centimeters.

Watch the video above to see how Motobot fares and the team behind!

Do you think robot races will be a thing in the future? Why would robot drivers be necessary? Let us know in the comments below!