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The Reviews Keep Coming In!

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We've received another review from a very satisfied customer this past week! We love receiving reviews from satisfied customers. This time it was from Dave Jordan from California. Dave was nice enough to send us pictures of his tire puncture, the nail itself, and the final look of his fixed tire!

Nail Embedded in Tire

Nail That Caused The Puncture Final Look of Fixed Tire

Noticed a nail in my tire when I arrived at work following my 60-mile commute. Guess where my kit was? At home. Called BMW San Jose, bought a second one over the phone and sent Uber to go and get it. Fixed in no time flat. Pun intended.

It's apparent that Dave would have much rather fixed his puncture quickly and by himself, than spend money on a tow, roadside assistance, or use an Uber to get home after work. That's the amount of trust Dave has with Stop & Go products! They're reliable, quick, and easy to use. Just watch the video on how to use a tire plugger!

Our products aren't limited to tire pluggers. We also sell mini-air compressors, CO2 canisters, and digital pressure gauges. If you want to continue using the puncture tubeless tire, it is recommended to use a Patch/Plug.

We love hearing your stories and your reviews on Stop & Go products! Especially if they include pictures or videos! Remember if you have any stories or reviews about using our products email us, Facebook us, or tweet us!