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How to Patch an Inner Tube with The Stop & Go Tire Patch Kit

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5 Steps to Patch Your Tire

You see that one of your scooter tires looks a little flat. No problem. You inflate it again and good to go. But then a day or two later you see that it looks flat again. Maybe you decide to inflate it one more time to see if that will change anything. Turns out, you have a leak! That's where Stop & Go's tire patch kit come to save the day.

If your scooter has tube-type tires, that means you have to remove the tube from the tire to patch the leak.

  1. Most of the time you have to deflate the tire to remove it from the wheel and then you are able to remove the inner tube.
  2. Once you have the inner tube removed, inflate it and follow these steps to find the leak in the tube.
  3. Now that you know where the leak is coming from, make sure to mark it. Now that you know where the leak is, the area has to be cleaned with the thumb buffer included. Do not over buffer/sand the area or else it might lead to the patch failing.
  4. Use the cement included in the Scooter Tube-Type Tire Repair and Inflation Kit on the leak in a thin layer. Once it dries apply the patch by rubbing it on top of the cement.
  5. Finally, use the Co2 canisters to fully re-inflate the tire and get back to driving again!

When all is said and done using the tire patch kit, use the waterless hand cleaner and paper towelette that is included for a quick clean of the hands.

Pro Tip: If you are having trouble removing the bead, use the Bead Buster Model-XB455. Best of all, it's compact so you can take it with you on the road for emergency tire patching.