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A New Type of Ride: Monkey Faction Bike

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Capuchin Bike

A Kickstarter was launched and as of today, met the goal of production on a new type of ride. The Capuchin. According to the Kickstarter, industry first hybrid technology which combines the comfort and ease of a scooter style riding position and the durability and responsiveness of a mountain bike.

Difference Makers

What makes this bicycle different is the 4in wide tires that can take you anywhere. It has a step-thru frame that provides easy on and off access. No need to swing your leg over a frame. It has a coil-spring suspension fork, making travel smoother and more comfortable. Probably the biggest difference to regular bikes is the seat. The Capuchin seat is a modified scooter saddle. The design and placement of the seat is meant for comfort. It is a foot forward design that puts your feet in front of you. This ride is designed for comfortable, smooth cruising, and is made high-density foam. Also, no need to worry about seat stealing. It is attached to the frame.

The tires on this bike a designed as such so that there is not need to inflate them weekly. They are made to move smoothly and stay in motion without much work.

Not Immune To Natural Wear and Tear

Eventually, air needs to be added to the tire and if you use the bike every day, it's bound to get a flat. So always be prepared with Stop & Go's tire repair kit! Then inflate the tire in just a few minutes with the mini-air compressor.

A product that includes both? The Tubeless Puncture Pilot includes mushroom plugs and the mini-air compressor.

Although it is still a human powered bike, plans include to transform it into an electric bike. The bike will come with battery mounts and cable guides installed so that a motor kit involved in the near future will be 100% compatible.