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New Smart Tire Safety Monitor

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ZUS Tire Safety Monitor

Current TPMS systems only alert you when the tire pressure of your tires are dangerously low. This IndieGoGo campaign is for a tire pressure system that tells you exactly what is wrong with each individual tire. Unlike the general alert of a TPMS system.

zus tire safety monitor

According to the funding page, "view individual tire pressure data directly on your smartphone for a safer drive and improved gas mileage. Powered by an intelligent algorithm, ZUS warns you of any slow leaks before they become a serious problem."

zus tire safety monitor

The ZUS comes with 4 sensors that work in real-time tire pressure and temperature.

zus tire safety monitor - stop & go tire plugger

The app will notify you of when you have a tire leak due to a puncture from a nail. That's when Stop & Go tire plugger comes into play. Without taking the tire off, you can fix a flat in less than ten minutes!

The installation process of the ZUs? Done in 10 minutes. Plug in the receiver to your car, pair it with your phone and then fasten the sensors to the tire valve. Plus the ZUS will save you on gas money.


What's different about this campaign? It's surpassed its $20,000 goal by 1,p41%! Currently, it has raised $388,262 USD by 3313 backers.

You can a ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor at $99 early bird pricing plus shipping. The retail price is $119.99 so you're saving a bit with the early bird pricing. Hurry quick though because there is a limited number left to claim!

15% off the Stop & Go store when you use the code FREEDOM

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