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New Motorcycle Runs on Algae Oil

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There's a new motorcycle made from wood that runs on algae oil. How is this possible? Ritser Mans set off to build a bike that was nature-inspired and that results in a wood-framed bike that runs on microalgae oil. That oil? Peter Mooij supplies it. Although the bike is still a work in progress.

According to Mans, "The challenge for me was with every part of the bike to look to what nature could provide me. Like cork for the damper and hemp spring for some reinforcement. With all my designs it should spark my imagination."


The engine is 500cc single cylinder fuel engine. It's fueled by "microalgae oil." "Just like olives, microalgae produce oil," Mooij told us. "And just like olives, we can extract this oil from the algae. This oil can be used in a simple diesel engine without any pretreatment."

"Algae oil has some great advantages. Algae do photosynthesis and by this process, algae convert CO2 from the atmosphere into the oil. If this oil is burnt in Rits' motorcycle CO2 is emitted, but the amount of CO2 emitted exactly equals the amount of CO2 the algae took up from the atmosphere."

Mans said that the motorbike seen in these images is not the final version. It's a rough working version that "does the trick." Development continues.

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Sources: Ritsert Mans, Peter Mooij,

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