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Motorcycle Tire Repair Kits - Which One Is Right For You?

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Having a motorcycle is one of the most freeing experiences one can have. You feel more connected to the road, the experience of driving and the landscape. However, it also means you have less protection from the elements, less room to store your stuff and at times a higher chance of being stranded.

For this reason, Stop & Go set out to create a line of Motorcycle Tire Repair Kits that can fit the needs of a wide range of riders. When you visit and go to the Motorcycle Tire Repair Kits you have a few options to choose from.

Deluxe Tube-Type Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit

Just as the name indicates, this Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit is made for those of you with tube-type tires.

This kit comes stocked just for you

  • (3) 1 ¼” Round Vulcanizing Patches
  • (2) 2” Round Vulcanizing Patches
  • (1) 1 ¾” x 3” Oblong Vulcanizing Patch
  • (3) 9 ½” Steel Tire Levers
  • Engine-Air Tire Pump 60” Hose with Quick Release Lever
  • Engine-Air Fresh Air Valve with 18mm, 14mm, 12mm, & 10mm Adapters (fits most motorcycles)
  • Buffer/Roller Tool
  • Tube of Rubber Cement (.50 fl. oz.)
  • Valve Cap with Core Remover
  • Laminated Instructions
  • Heavy-Duty Vinyl Zippered Pouch (9.5” x 4” x 1.5”)
  • Weighs: 2 lbs.

Learn more about the Deluxe Tube-Type Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit

Motorcycle & ATV Tire Repair Kit

This complete and compact Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit is for those with the modern tubeless tires. This kit includes everything you need to repair your flat tire with the addition of 4 C02 canisters featured in our Automatic Tire Inflation Kit.

This allows you to not only repair your tire but also quickly inflate it on the fly.

Learn more about the Motorcycle & ATV Tire Repair Kit.

TUBELESS PUNCTURE PILOT for Motorcycles, Scooters, & ATV's

The Tubeless Puncture Pilot is one of our newest and best Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit. Unlike the other Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit's mentioned, the Tubeless Puncture Pilot allows you to make 'on-the-wheel' repairs. Utilizing the award winning Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger and very compact Mini-Air Compressor, you can ride with confidence knowing you can fix tire punctures and re-inflate your tires in a very short period of time.

We hope this information helps you to better understand our Motorcycle Tire Repair Kits and help you choose the best one for you and your motorcycle.