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Motorcycle Industry is Growing Again and That's Great for Options

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For the first time since 2006, the motorcycle industry is seeing growth in sales. This is great news for all motorcycle enthusiasts because manufacturers are jumping on this new growth by offering more motorcycles with a variety of styles and price levels.

There is also a shift in those who are buying motorcycles, "Boomers like us may have been interested in horsepower and performance, but Gen X and Gen Y are also looking at safety, fuel mileage, cost of ownership," said Honda Powersports executive Jon Seidel, who expects strong sales for Honda's new line of CB500s. "These new 500 series bikes are going to be very significant with those demographics."

Scooter sales are also strong. The casual two-wheelers made up only 5 percent of the market in 2003 but 19 percent three years later. Anecdotal evidence and the trumpeting of new scooter models suggest that trend is continuing. Scooter sales for the first half of 2012 were 5.6 percent above the year-earlier period.

Story originally posted on the Chicago Tribune website.

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