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The Motorcycle of the Future: BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

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BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

“Riding a motorcycle is the ultimate sensual and analog experience in a more and more digital world.” — Edgar Heinrich, BMW Motorrad’s head of design

Motorrad Vision Next 100 - fix tire for rvBMW Group debuted a motorcycle concept on Tuesday in Santa Monica, Calif. This concept is similar to the Rolls Royce and Mini concepts, minimalist and futuristic looks. This bike eliminates the need for the driver to wear protective gear.

The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 is the latest in the Vision Next series for BMW's 100-year celebration. According to BMW, the bike has a self-balancing system to keep the rider upright when standing and in motion. It also has several computer systems including, "Digital Companion" and "The Visor." "Digital Companion" offers riding advice and adjustment ideas for the optimal experience. "The Visor" is a pair of glasses that are controlled through eye movements and give active feedback to the bike to make continuous adjustments based on road conditions.

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 - fix tire for rv 

“The bike has the full range of connected data from its surroundings and a set of intelligent systems working in the background, so it knows exactly what lies ahead,” said Holger Hampf, BMW's head of user experience.

A New, Safer Way of Driving

The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 is built from a single “flexframe,” a carbon fiber shell that extends from the front to the rear wheel. The designers of the "flexframe" call its shape a dynamic sweep. It removes any old fashioned things like bearings and joints. “It will allow us to introduce new steering movements that are very far removed from today’s geometries,” says Heinrich.

Any small movement at high speeds isn't going to throw you off course or off the bike. Driver assistance features will continually monitor the environment, route, speed, the angle of lean, and other factors, intervening to ensure the rider can’t crash.This theoretically eliminates the need for a helmet.

The only button on the entire bike is a red switch at the end of the right handlebar, which we can assume will start the bike.

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 - fix tire for rv

When can we expect this to hit the roads?

"Normally when we develop a motorcycle, we tend to think five to 10 years in advance,” Edgar Heinrich, head of design at BMW Motorrad, said in a press statement. “On this occasion, we looked much further ahead and found … some very attractive prospects.”

This is still very much a concept. So maybe 2080?

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 - fix tire for rv 

In the meantime, you can ride around in your gold cart.