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How to Fix a Tire

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How do you fix a car tire?

There are several options. The number one option is using the Stop & Go tire plugger.

You're on the road and got a flat tire, what do you do now? How do you fix a car tire? You could call a tow company but that could take up precious time. You could put on the spare if you have one, but what if you don't know how to change tires? The Stop & Go plugger requires no wait time and no removing of the tire.

The Stop & Go tire plugger kit comes with everything you need to fix a flat fast.

Remove any object that has punctured your tire.

The kit includes a reamer and a probe tool for preparing the puncture for the mushroom plug.

The spring-loaded mechanical plugger that is included drives the mushroom head plug into the hole, as the shaft expands under pressure to fill the puncture. Then the mushroom head sits tight on the inner wall allowing no air to escape.

Once you pull on the stem with the pliers, simply grab the tire and trim the stem with the enclosed retractable razor. All the tools you need is packed in a handy zippered carrying case that stores easily.

The kit comes with 25 mushroom plugs, and the plugger itself is reusable. There is also a bag of 25 extra mushroom plugs available when the included ones run out. A durable impact resistant carrying case is also available. If you prefer to have the kit come with the durable case, there is the deluxe model tire plugger available.

This method of fixing a flat tire won't harm the wheel like the slime sealants do.

Read what Stop & Go customers have said about the tire plugger!


Have watched the guys at my local tyre shop repair flats many a time. Not any longer! I can do it myself. My latest car doesn't have a spare tyre(!!??) then this is a must. Looking forward to using it (not), but glad to have it in the boot of the car.


I purchased one of these kits several years ago and have used it a number of times. I can't say enough good things about it. It is truly a life saver and everyone should have one. I never leave the house without it and recently purchased a second kit to keep in the other car.