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Frankfurt Motor Show & Continental Tire

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Another motor show is in the books! This time it was the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.

FrankFurt Motor Show

The event took place between September 14-24, 2017 and showed off a number of new cars and concepts. Ever wanted an all-terrain baby stroller? Say goodbye to the car key we have come to know and love? Long for cars that will never make it to the U.S. market?

Why not learn about the new Continental tire that can change the tire pressure with the weather. The new system is called ContiAdapt.

Continental's ContiAdapt and ContiSense

continental tire - Stop & go - frankfurt

ContiAdapt is a system that integrates small compressors into the wheel. It's can inflate or deflate the tires, which expands or reduces the tire's contact patch. The contact patch is the amount of tire that actually touches the ground at any given point. So it suits different weather and driving conditions.

They also announced another technology alongside ContiAdapt. ContiSense uses conductive rubber to send electrical signals to the car's computer from a sensor embedded in the tire. ContiSense detects changes in road conditions. It then warns the driver accordingly. This system supposedly reacts to punctures and changes in tire pressure even faster than current TPMS available now.

stop & go - continental - fix tire 

Continental's ContiSense

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