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Consumer Satisfaction Over Tire Purchases

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Consumer Reports is a nonprofit organization that does product testing, ratings, and research.

Consumer Reports Conducts Survey

The survey that Consumer Reports conducted was on subscribers that purchased two or more tires for their vehicle in 2016. The total number of correspondents: 48,525 subscribers. They all purchased 50,125 tires and/or had installation experiences.

All-weather grip takes priority for tire shoppers. They typically replace all four tires at a time and have a range of satisfaction when it comes to tire retailers.

“Tire buying can be a complicated process,” says Adam Troy, Ph.D., a senior survey researcher for Consumer Reports. “But we see that consumers are generally satisfied with the overall experience. A clear takeaway is that using the internet can empower consumers to do their research in advance, compare pricing, and even purchase tires and ship them to a local shop for installation. We found that savvy shoppers were able to successfully haggle, often saving money and sometimes gaining free extras.”

The most significant takeaway from the survey is the reality check that replacing tires causes shoppers to get. It is often an expensive, time-consuming, complex process. If you can plug your tire for a low price and minimal headaches, why spend a great amount of money to purchase a new tire?

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What Drives Tire Purchases?

Three-quarters of the survey respondents said worn tread, with 84 percent of that group citing even wear. Most of these consumers noticed the wear themselves (80 percent). About a third also/alternatively had the wear pointed out by a mechanic. ( Learn when to replace your tires.)

The second most common reason to buy replacement tires is damage (15 percent). For these consumers, sidewall damage was to blame in 42 percent of cases; it cannot be repaired with a patch, plug, or tire inflator kit. Among the other causes of tire damage reported by these consumers were a flat tire (27 percent). A flat tire can be repaired in seconds with the Stop & Go Tire Plugger. With road hazard (27 percent) and defect (6 percent) came in second and third.

Just 1 percent bought tires because they simply wanted new ones.

Save yourself time and money buys purchasing the Stop & Go standard or deluxe tire plugger instead of purchasing a new tire. Do replace your tire if the sidewall has damage as no kit can repair that.

Story originally posted on Consumer Reports. Read more about the report by heading to the Consumer Reports' website.