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Colder Weather Approaching, Fall Season is Getting Closer

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You may or may not have noticed but temperatures have started to change. At least in the Midwest, the mornings are a bit chilly. We no longer have 60-degree mornings, now it's 40-degrees! It won't officially be fall until September 22nd but that doesn't matter much to the weather. You're driving patterns will start to change and also dangers on the road. Here are 5 tips to keep you safer on the road during the fall season.

5 Fall Riding Tips

1. Leaves

Leaves will start changing colors and eventually fall. That poses an extra danger to you. Dry leaves accumulate on the road and cover up any hazards such as potholes. Make sure you are extra vigilant of any leaf piles and don't take the road less traveled. Rain and even morning dew will result in wet leaves and when that happens, they stick and make a slick road. Again, be very vigilant and avoid the roads/situation whenever you can.

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2. Deer

Most deer collisions happen during the fall. Deer are more active in the fall due to searching for food and hunting season. To reduce the odds, make sure to scan the sides of the road in rural areas and be more alert in rural areas. Make sure you are wearing your protective gear in case anything does happen. Deer movement peaks at dusk and at dawn, watch for them crossing!

3. Frost

Midday temperatures may be warm and ideal for motorcycle riding while overnight temperatures may be near freezing. Overnight freezing temperature means morning frost. Pay attention to the possibility of frost on bridge decks and other elevated surfaces. Also, any shady areas since the sun may not have melted the frost by midday.

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4. Cold Weather

Once the sun sets, it's going to be cold. Start preparing and loading cold weather gear with you just in case you're riding during the night. Riding in cold weather can result in distracted driving. You are reducing control and comfort levels. Extra tip: instead of using tinted sunglasses to protect your eyes from the cold wind, use clear glasses. They can be treated with an anti-fogging agent.

5. Leather

Leather comes in clutch during the colder weather (pun intended). Leather cuts the wind and keeps you comfortable. A leather jacket will go a long way as well as leather chaps. Wear leather gloves that are lined with synthetic material. It's also wise to keep a pair of fingerless gloves as well. You can switch to them when riding midday or the weather gets warmer.

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And as always, keep the Stop & Go tire plugger on hand and fill your tire(s) back up with the mini-air compressor.