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Class C Motorhomes

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Class C Motorhomes

There are different types of motorhomes and in this post, we'll be talking about Class C motorhomes.

These motorhomes have a cabin chassis. The house or camper portion of the RV extends over the cab area. The cab area is part of the original truck chassis and can house a queen or king sized bed. Recently, manufacturers have started to install TVs in this area or additional storage instead of a bed.


Length of a Class C motorhome ranges from 20 feet to up to 33 feet. This allows for a separate dining area, with a stove, refrigerator, and larger storage tanks for water, waste and propane. Unlike in a Class B, the shower stall and the toilet are separated. So you don’t have to shower in a limited space. They have much more storage space with compartments inside and outside the motorhome.

Class C owners have a preference of having an extra door in the cab, which to most is an advantage. They are easy to drive, since they handle like a U-Haul van or truck. The ample space inside makes long trips or vacations suitable in a Class C. Due to its bigger size than a Class B, it can also tow a boat or another vehicle.


Its size can be a disadvantage too. It’s not as fuel efficient as the Class B motorhomes due to its large size. Since satellites can be added to the roof and the air conditioners are on the roof, they won’t always be able to fit in driveways. And what might be the deal breaker, not all campsites allow some Class C’s.

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