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Class B Motorhomes

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Class B


Class B motor homes, also known as camper vans, are like oversized vans. The inside of the motor home is tall enough to stand. They come equipped with a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom where the toilet and shower are combined into one space. Although all of this is inside of a class B motor home, it is still rather small. The floor plans can differ, so the wheelbase is lengthened which add more living space. The larger models have collapsible tables in the front that are stored when on the road.

These class B motor homes are the least expensive out of the Class A and Class C. They are also the smallest, making them easy to navigate and have the best fuel economy. These motor homes can be parked in the regular parking spots which are a great convenience when visiting national parks or restaurants. Because they fit into regular parking spaces, they can fit into a standard garage. They are also easy to drive.


A few disadvantages include the size inside the motor home and the size of the amenities. Class B’s are best suited for two people so if more than that are traveling, it can become a bit cramped. As mentioned before the Class B motor homes are small and the shower and toilet are in the same space. Storage space is minimal, so it’s only practical for short trips.

Due to the size of the Class B motor homes, there might not be any room to keep a spare tire. If there's no room to carry a spare, there is always room to carry a Tubeless Tire Repair Kit or aDeluxe Model Tire Plugger. So don't be left out on the road with a flat tire.

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