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CES 2018 Will Be Here Soon

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With CES 2018 (Consumer Electronic Show) happening next week starting January 7th, we will get a sneak peek at what's to come in the technology world including smart cars.

This year we will get a look at an all-new intelligent electric vehicle. This new smart car will be launched by BYTON.

New Electric and Intelligent Car

BYTON will have their press conference January 7th at 5PM CST. You can watch it on BYTON's website.

tire plugger - stop & go BYTON's Shared Experience Display includes sensors that enable front and rear passengers to control the screen using hand gestures. (PRNewsfoto/BYTON)[/caption]

Just from the picture above you can see that this in no way is the smart cars that we are used to seeing and driving. It's one long panel! That one panel has multiple display screens, with the traditional center console replaced by a Shared Experience Display enabling content shown to be shared with other passengers in the car. That's just one of the many features the BYTON car has.

Here are a few more:

  • BYTON Intuitive Access: This advanced secure unlocking method uses facial recognition cameras to recognize the driver or passenger in unlocking the door.
  • Interior and Exterior Digital Design: unique BYTON Smart Surfaces composed of front and rear LED lights and a luminescent logo can switch to different display modes to suit different driving scenarios.

The most impressive part of all? This car will be on the market in 2019 in China. It will be available in the U.S. and Europe in 2020.

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fix flat tires - tire repair kit - CES 2018 BYTON’s new intelligent vehicle is uniquely built for the coming era of truly shared, smart mobility and autonomous driving. (PRNewsfoto/BYTON)[/caption]