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CES 2017: Bikes for Beginners

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CES 2017

ces 2017

CES 2017, or Consumer Electronics Show, is being held from January 5 to January 8. On the opening day of CES Honda unveiled a 'riding Assist' technology for their motorcycles. This technology allows for the motorcycle to balance itself during slow speeds without the use of gyroscopes. The motorcycle has two rods sticking out from the sides that do not touch the ground, are part of the technology. The rods are still in concept so they will look different in the finished product.

How the self-balancing works is by raking out the motorcycle's front forks and then constantly moving the front and back wheels back and forth.

ces 2017


A Honda spokesperson said that the motorcycle could be equipped with self-driving capability as well. That means that you could potentially get off the motorcycle and walk into the building while it parks itself. Of course, the self-driving capabilities would need to be rigorously tested and eventually pass regulations.

BMW has also taken the self-balancing concept. You can check out more of that here.

One thing is certain, there are no self-fixing tires yet. Make sure to carry a tire plugger for your bike, whether the tire is tubeless or not.