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Book: How to Install Tires on Motorcycles and Fix Flat Tires

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Stop & Go has been providing the best tire repair products, including the award winning pocket tire plugger for many years. One of the greatest parts of our business is hearing stories about how our tire repair products have saved drivers from being stranded. The new book by James Russell, "How to Install Tires on Motorcycles and Fix Flat Tires" excites us just as much.

Book Overview

Two books in one! Stop paying and save money! Learn to change your own motorcycle tires and fix flat tires. All sizes. All brands. Yes, dirt, sport, touring and even wide street cruiser tires, using simple tire irons.  Harley-Davidson, Victory, BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and more including all custom bikes. It is easy once you know how! And don't believe for one moment it can't be done. Every tire change shop using expensive automatic machines still must use tire irons to mount tires.

Many people complain, especially seasoned riders, that changing motorcycle tires is too difficult. Wrong! They are doing it wrong! They don't use the proper tools and don't know the tricks of the trade. It requires little strength to remove and install motorcycle tires. Don't give up even if you tried it once and failed. This book will show you how easy, fun and profitable it can be - guaranteed!  You don't need a tire changing machine! You can save a ton of money mounting your own tires and the investment in tools is minimal. You can even mount your friend's tires or, start your own tire-changing business or qualify to get a job at a motorcycle repair shop. No more labor charges. No more paying high prices for tires. No more paying for wheel balancing. You will absolutely cut your cost in half the very first time you use this book saving hundreds of dollars! This book is an investment..... it will make you money every year of your life!

The book shows you how to remove and install the front and rear wheels and how to static balance your own tires quickly and easily, just like the racing pros do at track day or in a dealer's shop.  It doesn't matter which type of motorcycle or wheel you have: chrome, carbon fiber, composite, steel, cast or aluminum alloy wheel, street bike or dirt bike. Even spoke wheels with inner tubes are covered, along with tubeless tires.

Yes, those who wish to purchase a manual tire changer will learn to operate a tire-changing machine too! Every trick in the book is revealed in great detail to make tire changing easy to do. But without this inside knowledge and tricks of the trade, a tire change can be difficult. The key is knowing how the tire flexes and moves on the rim, where the tire and rim must be lubed for it to mount. You need this knowledge for big street bike tires like on Harley-Davidson's. By the way, despite what you have heard, Harley-Davidson tires are the easiest of all to install with tire irons when you know how and this book is going to show you how! Even the most difficult heavy sidewall tires are mounted with simple tire irons, including those big fat 250mm and larger rear tires you see on custom bikes.

Fix Flat Tires

Never be stranded again. No trip interruption. No motel expenses. No dealership repair bills. No lost time. No more tow trucks! You'll be on your way in ten minutes.  Fixing flat tires is easy to do with a few simple tools you carry in your saddlebag or fork bag. The book reveals the absolute best methods to use on tube-type wire-wheels and tubeless tires so you may never need to call a tow truck when you get a flat tire from a nail puncture. As you know, it is dangerous to get a flat tire in a bad neighborhood far from home. In just ten minutes you can fix the tire, inflate and be out of there!  It's so easy anyone can do it! Be safe, learn how to fix flat tires.

Yes, what you learn in this book you can apply to car and truck tires too!  Relax, you will practice tire repair on old tires to build your skill and confidence before you even attempt to fix a tire in an actual emergency. And, this book has a wealth of knowledge including over 300 questions with detailed answers pertaining to purchasing, installing and repairing motorcycle tires.  No other book has all this detailed motorcycle tire knowledge!  Motorcycle service manuals don't even come close.

Large 8.5 x 11" size book is 203 pages, has 187 photos, and is written for the novice who has never installed or repaired tires before.  It's like having a motorcycle mechanic leaning over your shoulder, telling you exactly what to do. The money you save absolutely pays for this book dozens of times over. You'll save "hundreds of dollars" the first time you use the book to install new tires. This book will make you happy.....I guarantee it!

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